November 2014

Why Domestic Politics Rule Middle East Policymaking: Jordan 1990 and Israel 2014

By Alissa Fromkin
Contributing Writer
November 26, 2014

If Western policymakers want to understand the decisions of Middle Eastern leaders, they should look to domestic politics rather than to international pressure.

Ukraine should move swiftly toward NATO

By Victoria Garcia Labari
Contributing Writer
November 24, 2014

Ukraine must move further toward integration with NATO if it wants to retain what is left of the country' territorial integrity.

The Catalan Vote: Neither Legal Nor Meaningless

By Elizabeth Burnham
Editor-in-Chief, International Affairs Review Print Journal
November 16, 2014

Elizabeth Burnham, an Elliott School student in the European and Eurasian Studies program, recently considered what the Scottish independence referendum meant for other European separatist movements. She returns with analysis of the situation in Catalonia.

A Blusukan to Southeast Asia: Why Indonesia Needs to Lead

By Joshua Goodman
Contributing Writer
November 11, 2014

Counter to soft-spoken Javanese culture, now is the time for Jokowi to turn Indonesia into a leader of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) by speaking loudly and directly to the country's neighbors.

‘We Were Winning When I Left’: A Review of John Nagl’s ‘Knife Fights’

By Collin Hunt
Contributing Writer
November 2, 2014

Counterinsurgency advocate John Nagl broadens his audience with a humor-peppered retelling of his military career in Knight Fights.

MOOCs: The Next Foreign Policy Tool

By Nicole Bailey
Contributing Writer
November 2, 2014

Massive open online courses are quickly becoming a vital tool of foreign policy, but the United States isn’t taking full advantage of their benefits.

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