February 2015

“Chinese Taipei, What Kind of Martial Art Is That?”

By Sebra Yen
Contributing Writer
February 24, 2015

Sebra Yen evaluates the effectiveness of Taiwanese soft power in bolstering its international presence.

Solving the Infrastructure Challenge in Brazil through Public-Private Partnerships

By Badis Khalfallah
Contributing Writer
February 24, 2015

By partnering with Brasilia, the World Bank can maintain its leadership in development.

Part Two: The UAE Military Against Islamism

By Alissa Fromkin
Staff Writer
February 20, 2015

The UAE’s emphasis on human capital and citizen participation has proven crucial to successful military reform as the country tackles the threat posed by Islamist groups.

American History, International Law, and the Torture Debate

By Kia Rahnama
Contributing Writer
February 18, 2015

The current contentious battle over the necessity of practice of torture is born out of conflicting voices in American history.

How Much are Americans Worth?

By Aaron C. Gluck
Contributing Writer
February 18, 2015

Aaron Gluck explores the costs and benefits of the U.S policy of not paying ransoms.

Why it’s Time for Modi to Rein in Hindutva

By Hari Prasad
Contributing Writer
February 18, 2015

Modi needs to publicly rebuke right-wing BJP members, lest they derail his economic development agenda.

NATO Preparation For Russia’s Hybrid Warfare

By Peter Marzalik
Contributing Editor
February 10, 2015

Western leaders are still searching for an effective response to Russian subversion in Europe.

Book Review: Countdown to Zero Day, by Kim Zetter

By Collin Hunt
Staff Writer
February 6, 2015

While Zetter assiduously reports the fascinating story of Stuxnet, flaws in the book reinforce the difficulties of writing about cybersecurity.

To Deter, the U.S. Needs Offensive Space Weapons

By Chris Conrad
Contributing Writer
February 6, 2015

The United States must re-establish deterrence in space by developing a credible anti-satellite capability.

The Case for an Internet Citizen Bill of Rights

By Nicole Bailey
Staff Writer
February 3, 2015

Why governments and citizens need a framework of values for the internet.


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