July 2015

Chasing El Chapo

By Laura Blume
Contributing Writer
July 25, 2015

A Mexican drug lord’s second escape from prison highlights the need for a new approach to the war on drugs.

Moving Beyond Forever Wars: The Importance of Anthropological Perspectives

By Stephen Hindes
Contributing Writer
July 8, 2015

Western military leaders must incorporate anthropological analysis into their strategic level decision-making in order to move beyond ‘forever wars.’

Ending Saudi Arabian Obstruction of Peace in Yemen

By Nicole Bailey
Staff Writer
July 13, 2015

Saudi Arabia risks undermining regional security and alienating key allies without a more sustainable policy toward Yemen.

Major Arms Trafficking Risk in the Central African Republic

By Aaron Gluck
Staff Writer
July 7, 2015

Despite a May 2015 peace agreement, major arms traffickers still have a potential market in the Central African Republic.

The Problem with the “Data Revolution:” How Bad Data Could Derail Global Anti-Poverty Efforts.

By Eliza Keller
Contributing Writer
July 9, 2015

As policymakers finalize the Sustainable Development Goals, the inherent limits of big data must be considered.

The Belmokhtar Network’s Waning Influence

By Collin Hunt
Contributing Writer
July 5, 2015

Regional jihadist dynamics in North Africa are more likely to end Mokhtar Belmokhtar’s militant career than an American airstrike.

Exempt Free Online Courses from United States Export Controls

By Nicole Bailey
Staff Writer
July 1, 2015

The United States must remove barriers to free online courses in sanctioned countries. These online courses are a boon to American diplomacy and not a threat to national security.

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