Europe and Eurasia

By Denis A. Burakov and Mikhail Skovoronskikh
Contributing Writers
September 2, 2014

As Putin expands his program of domestic repression, the necessity of preserving Russia's educated classes grows ever more imperative.

By Daniel Heintz
July 18, 2014

Much remains unclear about the circumstances surrounding the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, but the tragedy internationalizes the conflict and may lead to a further deterioration of Russia's relations with the West.

By Eric Hansson
July 14, 2014

Russian policy in Syria neglects long-term interests for short-term gains.

By Murat Ulgul
May 17, 2014

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent statement on the events of 1915 is symbolically important, but is not a historical step that will lead to peace because Turks and Armenians have incompatible red lines and the Armenian side contains multiple actors


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