By Varvara Malevskaya

Abstract: The article considers the role of the Kaliningrad region in Russia-EU relations and the consequences of its being situated separately from the Russian Federation (RF), between Poland and Lithuania. The author makes three main arguments: that Kaliningrad must refrain from integrating into the EU faster than the rest of Russia, that a visa-free regime is needed for Kaliningrad citizens, and that the euro need not be used as a second currency in Kaliningrad.

About the Author
V. S. Malevskaya is a student at the St. Petersburg State University School of International Relations. She spent an academic year in Bologna University researching Russia-Italy relations, one of her main interests. Ms. Malevskaya is interested in issues of image of Russian Federation in Europe, Russia-EU relations and how they are influenced of the Kaliningrad region on them. She an active participant of many scientific clubs at St. Petersburg University, and is one of the founders of the Study Angel Program, an international students’ assistance program.

Photo courtesy of Dima Bushkov via Flickr.