By the Foreign Policy 2020 Team
Bernie and Biden Infographic

The International Affairs Review is starting a series on foreign policy positions of the 2020 presidential candidates. Often American presidential elections turn on domestic political issues, with foreign policy issues relegated to the background. To try and fill these gaps, our series will hone in on the key issues that the next president will face. Our series begins with an infographic that distills each candidate’s position on one of these issues into a concise statement. From this infographic, we will launch an article series that explores some key issues in more depth, highlighting crucial differences between candidates on these issues.

Our infographic will be a living document, being updated as candidates substantially alter or clarify their positions and/or to reflect changes in candidates’ standing in the race. We decided to focus on President Trump and the Democratic candidates that made the October 15th CNN/New York Times debate, but we will change our coverage of candidates to better reflect their standing. In addition to the 10 issues that we have outlined, we will also analyze the candidates’ positions on trending foreign policy issues that are seldom talked about but are still important for the future of the United States in global affairs.

We hope you find this initiative informative about candidates’ positions, useful in differentiating the candidates’ foreign policies, and germane to the debate about the future of the United States in the world. In an era in which America faces a complex and interconnected strategic landscape, we hope this project shines light on the possibilities for the future.

Thanks for your readership,

The Foreign Policy 2020 Team

Past Versions of the Infographic

Original Infographic
Infographic after Iowa